Just don't ask about my tools... by Kuba Wieczorek

Ask about why I created a particular image. Tell me about how it makes you feel. But please, don’t ask what camera I used to create it.

We are obsessed by technology and cameras. Would we ask a furniture maker what chisel they used to make a table? What paintbrush a painter used?

A great image is a great image - it doesn’t matter if it was taken on film, digital or with an iPhone. I love shooting with large format film - it gives me a method of working that I love and has such a specific look and feel - but I would hate the format to define me and my work.

And so it begins - a new dawn by Kuba Wieczorek

After almost 4 years of having founded eve sleep with my cousin Jas and my wife Sara, I am beginning my journey back into the world of (commissioned) photography. Not that I ever left photography (does any photographer ‘stop’ becoming a photographer?) - having taken every single eve sleep image over the past 4 years with Sara, but I am now stepping back into the outside world of commissions, art buyers, creatives and people who are interested in talking to me because they like something about my work. I am still very much involved in eve, but it feels wonderful to start to take on external commissions. Watch this space for the first project that I am shooting next week!

So here’s to the next chapter in my life - I cant bloody wait!